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Robert Blagojevich now comes into play

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Lon Monk starts discussing Robert Blagojevich and his role as a fund-raiser for his brother.

Monk testifies that it was Rod's idea to bring his brother in from Nashville in the fall of 2008 to act as the head of Friends of Blagojevich campaign fund.

Monk identifies the former governor's brother from across the room.

Robert Blagojevich shows no reaction, only calmly staring at Monk.

Monk is now taking jurors through fund-raising lists and photos of the campaign offices.

Jurors see photos of the inside of the office: nice wooden desks and leather chairs.

He is discussing meetings again. This time in the fund-raising office.

Chris Kelly and Tony Rezko, at this point both indicted, are no longer part of the storyline.

We are getting closer to the tapes.

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