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Judge James Zagel: New tape won't be admitted until Rod Blagojevich takes the stand

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

Sam Adam asked again to introduce jurors to a new Dec. 4, 2008 tape. The judge sent the jury out of the room and is holding a hearing to determine whether it will be played for the jurors.

On the tape, Blago is heard instructing Harris to call Rahm Emanuel and say the governor is still considering appointing Jesse Jackson Jr. He sounds to be arguing that the threat of a Jackson appointment -- which the Obama administration had opposed -- would help Blago pass a legislative package with House Speaker Mike Madigan.

That is, the new tape implies that the Madigan deal is what Blago really wanted; Jackson was the decoy.

The tape was recorded the day after two top Democratic leaders called Blagojevich, urging him against appointing Jesse Jackson Jr. Blagojevich is heard telling Harris to call Rahm Emanuel and give him the impression that Jackson is still a possibility.

"They don't want him," Blagojevich says Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Sen. Robert Menendez said of Jackson. "They don't want to say it, but they don't want him, you follow me?"

Blagojevich on the tape says he'll "hold my nose" and appoint Lisa Madigan if he gets a legislative package passed.

Ultimately, Judge James Zagel said the only way the tape will get admitted is if and when Blagojevich takes the stand.

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No need to be concerned. If you listen to the other tapes Blago and Harris planned this.They plotted to try and push Obama into offering Blago a cabinet position by letting Obama think Blago was considering Jackson for the senate seat.If that didn't work out Blago was going to pretend he was offering the seat to Lisa Madigan in exchange for healthcare and all the other stuff from her father knowing Mike Madigan would never agree. Blago would then place himself in the senate seat and use the excuse he had no choice as Madigan would never let him get anything done and there would be not much outcry from the public for placing himself.All of it was a sham.
The FBI Obama interview does not have any useful info.that has not already been testified to by Tom Balanof.

Rezko would not be a credible witness as he wrote the judge a letter saying the prosecution was trying to make him say things although he has given damning info. the to feds about Blago.

I'm getting a little concerned -- no admission of the tape that says he'll hold his nose and appoint Lisa, unless he takes the stand, which he has a constitutional right to not do? Not allowing the defense to have the FBI Obama interview? Waiving off the prosecution from calling Rezko?

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