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Reporting with Lynn Sweet

President Obama's chief of staff Rahm Emanuel was subpoenaed by the defense to testify in Rod Blagojevich's upcoming trial, a Blagojevich attorney told the Chicago Sun-Times.

"Yes, he's been subpoenaed by the defense," one of Rod Blagojevich's lawyers, Shelly Sorosky said today.

Valerie Jarrett was also subpoenaed, according to the White House, which also confirmed Emanuel's subpoena after the Sun-Times reported the news.

Rod Blagojevich's trial begins tomorrow.

Sorosky described Emanuel as a "critical" witness because: "he's the supposed victim of an extortion." One of the charges against Blagojevich accuses him of attempting to extort Emanuel while he was a congressman.

Sorosky said there are two areas of interest involving Emanuel: the alleged attempted extortion of Emanuel by then-Gov. Blagojevich and the U.S. senate seat selection concerning now-White House adviser Valerie Jarrett.

Jarrett was initially interested in the Senate seat post after Obama was elected president in 2008 and Emanuel had some discussions with both Blagojevich and his staff about the open seat.

Blagojevich had the sole power to appoint a replacement to Obama's vacant seat. He's charged with trying to extract a personal benefit from his potential nominees in exchange for an appointment.

The defense in Blagojevich's case has already subpoenaed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin and U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. -- all are Democrats.

Sorosky acknowledged that Emanuel, and many others who have been subject of subpoenas, might not actually be called to testify.

"We served a lot of these people just in case they were needed," Sorosky said.
"We don't know if we're going to call them or not. It depends on what happens at trial."

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Corruption and subpoenas. gotta love it.

Who said the Olympics didn't come to Chicago? This is way better and won't disrupt the average person's life. Every once and awhile you have to drain the lagoon to clean up the sludge ... ergo Operation GreyLord.

Good. I hope Blagovitch gets off and Emanuel and Obama and Jarrett go to jail where they belong. What he did is nothing compared to what they are doing to the country.

I'm rooting for Blago. He was simply playing the game like everyone else. All of them are dirty. Why was Blago set up? He was no more or less corrupt than anyone else. My guess is someone wanted something he had, like his position or influence as Governor, or he pissed someone off and they retaliated by shafting him. It'll be great if he can implicate B. Hussien Obama in any of this. Definitely Prime Time entertainment.

The problem with all people doing something is that it doesn't change the situation if the act is illegal.

As to the offer being rejected, that also is irrelevant. Ask any prostitute that has been arrested in a sting. The act doesn't have to be completed to be a criminal act.

Adn the fun just keeps coming at us, as one remembers that lies must have everyone remembering what was done, while the truth is real easy.

liberal slime bucket blago can be convicted a hundred times over and sent to prison for 150 years, still wouldn't matter. Nobama will pardon him on his way out of office. count on it.

It never seems to amaze that anybody, even a democrat (non-black, non-muslim) would have been crucified by the media for the continuous shananigans, but not Obamao. I wonder if, and if so, when will the media wake up that they chose and got behind an imposter, who bamboozled them into believing. This administration is breaking at the seam, i can feel it. The only question is; is it good for America in the long term? Think about, one has a good feeling that this imposter is failing, but look at what is going on in the world because of his incompetence.

Give them both a shot of truth serum before they're sworn in.

Chitown at it's best!

My prediction is Blago will not go to jail. Who was he talking to on all those tapes? Let's play them all. He has said or done nothing different than other politicians. Is swearing against the law? No. Is trying to leverage a political race/seat against the law? No. Did any money ever change hands? Not sure. However, the question is: Did he break the law? I do not know all the details, but what I do know is he may have said and done some unethical things which is not the same as illegal acts. Besides, whoever was on the other end of all those conversations should be on trial too?! For what I am not sure. All a waste of taxpayer money, as usual!

Too bad Roddy wasn't in the race!! (Methinks they nominated the wrong liar) At least, Rod's funny.

the first liar does'nt have a chance

Do you think that anyone would believe Emanuel, Blago, or Obama? What a trio of liars. All three are slime balls and represent the real Chicago. Emanuel and Blago should go to prison and Obama should be impeached for being a perpetual liar and fraud to the American people.

Which reporter wants to become famous by breaking the entire Sestak/Romanoff situation wide open?

There is A LOT there that hasn't been discovered yet...

Bend over, America, another dose of hopey/changey.

Which democrat is lying?.....answer....All of them.

Quid-pro-Quo. Happens all the time, didn't you hear what Sestak said Friday? Nothing to see here. Move along. If it's okay for Obama to do it, why is everyone so upset with Blago??

Now I u nderstand why he had to go to Chicago for a "vacation" instead of putting the wreath on the grave of the Unknown SOldier at Arlington.\\

Can't wait until we find out WHY and HOW BP made the "mistake" on the rig..... Funny howBP exec got govt job right before spill..etc.\\

All this would be entertaining if it were not real....\\2012 cannot come fast enough

Don't you think they will all swear in and tell the truth and nothing but the truth? Ha, ha, ha, the joke is on the American people. How much is it costing the taxpayer for this to go through the court system? The court and the lawmakers are just as guilty as the criminal anymore.

Another ploy by Blago's light-stepping PR firm. Memo to Rod: forget the spin-doctors; Fitz has the goods and you're goin' down, big-time.

this is a chance to clean most of it up from chicago to sprinfield to the white house. hopefully, there are some honest federal prosecutors left. doubtful. they will stop everything, just before the not so, white, house is called to testify\ under oath, what is, is?. illinois crooks galore. walking above the law. say goodnight to the gulf.

I don't know who represent's Emanuel but Bob Baur is Obama's lawyer...Obama had a spy in the court room when Rezko was on trial who was not very discrete, fortunately for him he won't need one this time around he has the U.S. Attorney reporting back to him. As far as pay goes Blagojevich has to pay out of his campaign funds although Obama and Emanuel are still employed so the government probably flips for the tab...We can all be pretty sure the prosecution will be gentle with Emanuel, not that he's a delicate flower but if they're not they will get fired..

Emanual will give up Obama in a heart beat. However Obama's favorite USAG Fitzpatrick will do his best to keep Emanual quiet

Who is Rahm's Attorney in These Matters?? Are they being paid at
public or private expense. I believe the citizens have a right and
an obligation to know the answer. Also, does Obama have public or
private lawyers working on this??? Who are they/ Who is paying them??

ha, ha, ha!

subpoena them all! let them subpoena each other!

try the whole lot of them (Blago, Rahm, and Obama) for bribery and corruption!

will mayor McCrook and his nephew go on trial soon too?
This blago trial is gonna be grrrrrrrreat!

Look for Jesse Jack Jr to get it along with barrack and rahm.

Bah! Emanuel (and Obama) are a lot more involved in this than the fawning press make them out to be. This is CORRUPTION at its finest. In true organized crime fashion, Blago's gonna say he's gonna sing like a bird... then he's gonna end up swimmin with the fishes. That's what this administration is all about.

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