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Qualifications for next U.S. Senator: solve Rod Blagojevich's legal, personal and political problems

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Reporting with Sarah Ostman

Rod Blagojevich is now heard on tape saying that the next U.S. Senator must satisfy three criteria: "Legal, personal and political."

This is how top aide John Harris testified Blagojevich defined each one.

Legal: "The legal investigation of his administration and his family finances."
Personal: "His personal economic security his need to secure some sort of economic future for himself. Someone who can put pressure on the Department of Justice to back off on the federal investigation."
Political: "His political situation."

Appointing someone close to Blagojevich might help slow a federal probe into Blagojevich's administration, the former governor said on a recorded call.

"It might change the aggressiveness or it might change the level of pursuit by the federal authorities," Harris testified.

In the midst of trial, the judge's monitor falls off his table. Silence in the courtroom.
Long pause.

"I believe this table was provided to me by the lowest bidder," Zagel says and everyone laughs.

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