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For the first time since Rod Blagojevich began his mega-media blitz in 2009, federal prosecutors have asked the trial's presiding judge to slap a muzzle on the former governor.

The final straw for prosecutors apparently came yesterday, when the former governor spoke to the media about the testimony of government witness Lon Monk.

Blagojevich said Monk's parents would be ashamed of his lies from the witness stand.

"Rod Blagojevich's efforts to manipulate media coverage to gain favorable attention and thereby to, directly or indirectly, influence the jury, has reached a level that requires court intervention," prosecutors wrote in a filing.

They're asking Judge James Zagel to force Blagojevich and his lawyers to stop offering their opinions about what happened in court.

"This case has attracted extensive media attention, to say the least. In the weeks
immediately preceding the trial, defendant Rod Blagojevich and his counsel, with the
help of a retained public relations firm, have appeared on radio and television shows,
and were quoted in numerous news articles, making statements that ventured into
areas the Court has precluded from being addressed before the jury," prosecutors wrote in a filing.

To read the filing: Click here.>

Zagel said he would take up the issue later.

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Judge James Zagel doesn't slap a gag order on Rod Blagojevich for his daily blurts outside of court -- yet. Responding to a prosecution's request to bar Blagojevich from talking, Zagel said an outright ban is a last resort... Read More


I say let both sides talk to the nedia all they want. After ll the jury was instructed not to watch the news or red about the case. And isn't it interesting that one name appears more often then anyone's. Where is Rezko and why isn't he testifying? This case is weak if the feds don't call Rezko. Every single witness so far talked about Blago was GOING to get meony from Rezko, but under cross said that Blago never received a penny to their knowledge.

"The Feds have refused, and even gone so far as to go to court, in order to NOT release tapes and other evidence to the media."

Why? Perhaps because the evidence is weak and they don't want to lose the media trial.

Prosecutors have a long history of planting disinformation in the media, so why won't they release the evidence so that the public knows the truth?

Here's to hoping that Judge Zagel muzzles Blago and his lawyers, quickens the trial and puts him behind bars for a very, very long time. Blago is the corrupt fool that just won't go away and stop embrassing the folks of Illinois

Sounds like you are ignoring a critical part of the
American Constitution! Innocent till proven guilty. Equal
treatment under the law. The right to be tried by a jury of
your peers, not by the media, not by what "the fix is in," says.
A simple question for you:
If you say all Chicago politicians are probably guilty,
by virtue of the culture of "Chicago politicians," of which they are
a part, are you also saying, "President Obama is GUILTY as well,

The May 6th court ruling addressed this Bullshit Rod is spewing about selective prosecution and outrageous government conduct. Both the prosecution and defense were told by the court that this posturing may be presented to the court but not to the jury.

Rod is desparate to avoid prison and getting the rod!

Sounds like Dave and Gerald are in Blago's corner. Typical Chicago Stupidity.

Hey Gerry - the last time anyone heard from Fitgerald was that original press conference. Blago, on the other hand, hasn't shut up since then. The Feds have refused, and even gone so far as to go to court, in order to NOT release tapes and other evidence to the media. And I have a feeling that Blago's impeachment had a slightly bigger impact on "tainting" potential jurors than Fitzgerald's comments did. So get off the defense team's payroll and wake up.

Amen Gerald! When will Judge Zagel reprimand the unethical thug prosecutor Fitzpatrick who, unlike a defendant, does not have the right to go beyond the four corners of an indictment.

If Rod Blagojevich is reprimanded or told to stop exercising his
first amendment rights under the Constitution, then Judge Zagel
should severely reprimand or jail Patrick Fitzgerald for contempt
of the American process of justice, which says "innocent till
proven guilty!" Remember that!!!!
Did Patrick Fitzgerald say that "Abraham Lincoln is rolling over in
his grave due to the crime spree," of the alleged?? Does he deny saying that?? . Is that not prejudcial? A prosecutor with his experience, in my judgment, SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO UTTER SUCH before anything has taken place in a

So, what are the sanctions on Fitzgerald and what has the court done to assess whether that clearly prejudicial statement by Fitzgerald has already
"poisoned the well," thus making it impossible for the defendant to have a fair trial???

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