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President Obama's "B.S. list" for Senate seat: Hynes, Duckworth, Jackson and Schakowsky

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Reporting with Sarah Ostman

After Valerie Jarrett publicly pulled out of contention for the U.S. Senate seat appointment, Rahm Emanuel called Rod Blagojevich's top aide.

Emanuel had a list of "acceptable" names and it was from the then-President-Elect, according to testimony in Rod Blagojevich's corruption trial.

Blagojevich calls the list "B.S."

Emanuel, now Obama's chief of staff, relayed four names whom "the president would find acceptable," according to then-chief of staff John Harris, who is on the witness stand.

They were: Tammy Duckworth, State Comptroller Dan Hynes, U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. and U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky,.

What's curious about the turn of events: Obama's agents -- Tom Balanoff and Andy Stern -- had previously told Blagojevich that Jesse Jackson Jr. should not be a candidate.

Emanuel's call to Harris about calling off Jarrett's appointment, came just days after he made a phone call to John Wyma to send a message from the president about Jarrett. That message was that the President-elect wanted Jarrett but that Blagojevich should expect only his appreciation in return. Wyma had been cooperating with federal investigators for weeks at the time of the phone call.

Emanuel told Harris that no one else from the Obama camp was allowed to talk about the Senate seat besides him, Harris said.

However, Harris qualified that from the stand: "Rahm might have had his own agenda." .S

"It's a B.S." Blagojevich says on a recording.

Harris explains that they believe Obama's list is a political list.

"That in fact if that became public, the President-elect would want the list to represent a diverse group of individuals," Harris explained from the stand.

"When they give you two whites a black and an Asian the only thing they really don't want is Emil," Harris says on tape, referencing former Illinois Senate President Emil Jones.

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Blago was doing what everyone else in that State was doing,only he was caught. ALL OF THEM need to be indicted, not just Blago. This President is the Head Cockroach, that's what I think. He has used that Ivy League education to fleece America, but he won't go to prison because the State of Illinois doesn't have it in them, the whole bunch is corrupt.

Translation of OscarPhone: Mostly they will be people who are willing to overlook that Blago is a shameless crook and liar only out for himself in favor of pursuing their crooked vendetta against a black man who's not an ignorant Palin Limpbrain acolyte like them in the White House."

Obama is lost without his czars and a teleprompter. He is nothing more than a petty thug and a banker bully stooge shaking the wealth from the backs of hard working honest decent Americans and has turned our government into a den of robbers and theives.

Either a nation is ruled by a dictator or it’s governed by the rule of law.

This is administration is a dictatorship who bypasses both houses under the guise of executive order making dictorial changes to existing laws by stealth and spends money against the wishes of the majority and pins that debt on that majority regardless of what the majority says publicly.

This is a rogue regeme that is out of control and out of step who cares not for the rule of law while turns a blind on eye on the Constitution and steps all over your Bill of Rights and tramples the Declaration of Indepenedence.

Obama rewards the lawless and punishes the law abiding. Someone needs to sit this administration down for a timeout most children need these timeouts and Obama is a child always seeking attention as children do.

Obama is a child with a debit card with our name on it. Impeach Obama for incompetence,fraud,bribery and inpersonating an american citizen

Wow, why am I not surprised Schakowsky is on that list...

Yet another reason to support Joel Pollak.

Oscar; Milorad is not doing this because he wants to or because he has even a little respect for the people of Illinois...He's doing this because the FBI say's that he shows up for court or he goes to jail. Milorad lost every friend he ever had when Rezko was convicted, no one wanted to be associated with him after that. IF Milorad keeps his mouth shut and doesn't cooperate with the feds after his conviction, he might have a few friends but I guarantee they will keep their distance.

Dude, I love Blago. He's my favorite scandal. He's actually kind of a good guy, too. He just got a little caught up in nonsense. I don't blame him, I would've done it, too.

Is that ever taken into consideration with political scandals? That if the common person was in that position, would they do it? Because it should be.

SallyinChicago: If what the evidence says is what happened I suspect that Blogo will have quite a few friends. Mostly they will be the people that don't want crooks and liars in public office and in the White House. That may not be you of course but it would be a good majority of the American people.

I wonder if Blago will have a friend in the world after this is over, besides his wife. The guy probably won't find anyone to shake his hand or have a cordial conversation with. He's dissed everybody. Desperate people to desperate things when they are desperate.

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