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Defense opening concludes with familiar argument

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Adam has started trying to topple the two most notable charges against the former governor.

The first is the accusation that Blagojevich tried to swindle campaign money from the CEO of Children's Memorial Hospital in exchange for passing a bill that would increase the hospital's cash flow.

The second are accusations that he tried to personally benefit from naming somebody to replace Barack Obama in the U.S. Senate.

Both accusations are false, Adam said, and Mike Madigan is behind both of them. The Illinois House speaker clashed with Blagojevich and held up legislation that the ex-governor wanted passed, meaning that Blagojevich had to resort to other bargaining measures.

Just like Blagojevich did in his book, "The Governor," Adam is making the case that Blagojevich is only guilty of playing the dirty -- but legal -- game of politics.

Adam just finished up, and Zagel has adjourned court for the day.

In what was likely meant to be a private conference -- but was inadvertently broadcast into the overflow courtroom -- Zagel told Adam that it was OK to "yell" at the jury but that he would not be allowed to addresses witnesses that way.

Court will reconvene at 9 a.m. tomorrow.

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