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Obama spokesman asked about Blagojevich trial testimony

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From a White House briefing today with Robert Gibbs.

Q Tom Balanoff is a local labor leader in Chicago and in testimony today at the Blagojevich trial he talks about a phone call that he got from Barack Obama on Monday evening before the Tuesday election, at which he quotes Mr. Obama as saying that he thinks Valerie Jarrett should be a United States senator, that she fits the criteria; "I would prefer that she remain working for President Obama, but she does want to be Senator." And Balanoff said he told the soon-to-be President, "I said, 'Thank you, I'm going to reach out to Governor Blagojevich with that.'" Did the President make that phone call?

MR. GIBBS: You're telling me about this testimony. I'm not going to get into commenting on obviously an ongoing trial. And I have had not had an opportunity to see that.

Q But you've said before that the President did not get involved with the suggestions or the conversations with Blagojevich.

MR. GIBBS: Ann, I'm just not going to get into commenting on an ongoing trial.


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What Baracks statement said was, " I did not contact the Governor or any of his staff about the Senate seat"...It's the Clinton defense, "I did not have sex with that women" cigars don't count and niether does Balanoff, he's not staff.

Or maybe Balanoff is lying and they don't want to comment on it because it will hurt balanoff's credibility, who has more credibility Barrack or Balanoff? They all new there was a federal investigation going on, I doubt they would they all would have done nothing, it seems to me that everyone is trying to cover up for themselves you can be certain that someone would have spoken to the feds earlier, also its almost ridiculous that the government is allowing people to change what they said in return for less time, in any other case witness would be impeached successfully for that, it would be one thing if people didn't say anything before. Also not that many people as it seems the government is claiming would lie to them when they could just remain silent.

Tough spot when a guy like the Guv has you caught in a flat out lie. That's got to hurt Obama, Rahm, Valerie, and David more then anything else. They're getting called out by Blagojevich of all people. Who'd want to "get into commenting" on that?

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