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No Blagojevich trial today -- off on Fridays

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Rezko met Mahru in 1984, Rezko was selling food on the beach and Mahru was selling ice...attached is a detailed article.

So, it appears that thus far MY GOVERNMENT has vouched for the credibility of a person who over a period of years took payoffs as a so called "lobbyist" of tens of thousands of dollars. Would you trust the testimony of such a person? Did Blago get even one penny of the money? AND, the so called "lobbyist" got only two years in exchange for saying anything the government wanted? Sounds like a great deal for the crooked lying thief? Why is MY GOVERNMENT pretending he is an honest person worthy of belief? Are the federal attorneys just stupid or also dishonest?

A few questions:

1. Who is Dan Mahru? Where is he now?
2. Why was he wearing a wire for the FEDS in 2005?
3. How did he meet and become a partner of Tony Rezko?
4. Speaking of Rezko, he was convicted. Was he ever sentenced? Secretly or otherwise? If he has NOT been sentenced, why NOT???
5. Since Rezko, from all that has been presented at the trial so far, is a KEY WITNESS, has Rezko offered any evidence that would exonerate Blagojevich that prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has not disclosed to the defense, which he is obligated to do??
6. Has Fitzgerald responded fully and truthfully to the Blagojevich discovery motion to turn over the notes and recordings of the interview conducted by the FBI and the DOJ with Obama himself?
7. Since Obama was using Rahm Emmanuel as his go-between to get his preferred candidate appointed, why shouldn't the question of selective and vindictive prosecution of Blagojevich be raised? Democratic pollster Pat Cadell and physical economist Lyndon LaRouche have raised exatly that question!!!!

What does a Natasha Korecki do on a Blago Friday? I may actually have to do some work today.

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