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Nerves in the courtroom as jury selection continues

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No. 167 admitted to being a little nervous. The state health department worker made lots of eye contact, looking around the room as she answered Judge Zagel's questions as if she were at a job interview.

She answered her questions with precision -- "37 1/2 hours" per week instead of full-time. She included the full address and zip code when asked about her employer.

Upon leaving, she gave a little bow and said, "Pleasure to be here."

It was Blagojevich who appeared nervous a few minutes later when another potential juror, No. 169, was being questioned. Judge Zagel asked the insurance underwriter what he thought of politicians.

The man had written on his questionnaire that some motivated by good, but "that is rare."

Blago bit his lower lip and shifted forward in his chair.

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1 Comment

Hello, I am Juror 167 just wishing the best of luck to all selected jurors for Blago's trial. May the truth set us free and may God be with us all!

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