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News media makes plea to Blagojevich judge to reveal juror names

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The Chicago Tribune and Associated Press today made a bid today to make public the names of jurors during Rod Blagojevich's jury selection.

U.S. District Judge James Zagel has ruled that jurors names in Rod Blagojevich's trial will remain secret until the trial is over.

Zagel had said he wants to protect their identities during the trial, which will draw national attention. He said he fears someone from the media will try contacting a juror, which could end up getting that person thrown off the jury.

But a filing today says that it's long been a court practice to release the names of jurors during jury selection, which begins Thursday.

And there's law that supports it, because those who know the jurors can say whether they'd be impartial.

An interesting side note, longtime Chicago Tribune reporter Matt O'Connor, who covered the federal courthouse for 15 years, signed an affidavit saying he previously covered 19 trials where jurors' names were made public.

O'Connor now works as an editor for the newspaper.

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