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New witness. Scofield says he left state job after seeing Rezko/Kelly in control

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Doug Scofield, former chief of staff for Luis Gutierrez, dropped his job in Washington to take on a deputy governor job with Rod Blagojevich.

He said he then left Blagojevich after three months.

"I was uncomfortable with some of the professional aspects for me," Scofield said.

"I was particularly concerned about Tony Rezko and Chris Kelly -- two individuals who were involved in the campaign. I found that once we were elected ... the two were significantly involved. Certainly in suggesting candidates for state jobs."

Scofield said he directed his concerns to then-chief of staff Lon Monk.

"I think I missed the memo where Chris and Tony were in charge of the transition team," he said he told Monk. "Lon said ... we'll get through this ... I think it's a manageable situation."

Scofield said though he wanted to leave, and told Monk he was on his way out.

Monk then called him: "We've found somebody, you're free to go."

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