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Lon Monk: "I wanted to help them"

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Niewoehner is asking Monk if, in his duties as Rod Blagojevich's chief of staff in 2003 and 2004, he was asked to participate in "pay to play" politics.

When asked by Rezko and Harris, Monk helped arrange favors for campaign donors, he said -- "in some instances to get appointed to boards and commissions, and in some instances to get state business."

Rod is getting more animated, shaking his head and writing furiously in his yellow notebook.

"At times would Rezko and Kelly ask you do so something with respect to the individuals and firms?" Niewoehner asked. Monk said yes.

"What did you typically do?" the prosecutor asked.

Monk paused.

"Whatever they asked."

"Why did you do that?" the prosecutor asked.

"Because I wanted to help them."

Niewoehner has now turned specifically to the allegations involving Chicago Academy. That's the school in former Congressman Rahm Enamuel's district from which Blagojevich allegedly withheld state money to leverage fund-raising dollars.

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