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Lon Monk: Fund-raising vital to Friends of Blagojevich

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Monk is being questioned about financial documents from Friends of Blagojevich -- campaign contributions received and expenses paid out for different reporting periods.

Prosecutor Chris Niewoehner asked Monk what the most important line is on a particular campaign finance form. The amount of contributions received, Monk answered.

"It showed political strength it showed that the campaign was strong and well-run," Monk said.

Niewoehner asked why that would be a big deal.

"You could spend it on media and grassroots events ... You could travel more than other candidates who didn't have as much money," Monk said. "It showed a likelihood that he would win."

Monk said for his 2002 election, Friends of Blagojevich spent most of their money on commercials in order to overcome competitors Paul Vallas and Roland Burris, especially downstate.

"We had to spend more money on media down there to introduce people to Rod who might not have known him," he said.

The prosecution is talking the jury through each election leading up to Blagojevich's win as governor.

"About when did defendant Blagojevich finally become governor?" Niewoehner asked.

"January 2003," Monk said.

With that, Judge Zagel called a one-hour break for lunch.

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