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Jurors dismissed for cause

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Attorneys for both sides have finished making their arguments for which jurors should be booted because of bias.

Among those cut this morning are a man with personal knowledge of the Teachers Retirement System who had also contributed to Children's Memorial Hospital. Blagojevich is accused of corruption involving both of those organizations.

The man said on his questionnaire that he was biased toward a guilty verdict. Though the government argued that he was "rehabilitated" during questioning, the judge said, "I didn't believe him."

Also out is a retired woman from Poland who worked as a housekeeper for a time. The defense argued to keep her in the pool, but the judge worried the woman did not understand his questioning and cut her. Visibly upset, Patti puffed up her cheeks and shook her head at the judge's decision.

The courtroom is now waiting for the next group of potential jurors. Patti appears deeply invested in the jury selection process. She is standing over her husband at the defense table, making marks on the yellow notebook where he has been tracking the jurors.

There is now a pool of 35 potential jurors. Questioning now continues, as the judge wants to accumulate a pool of at least 40.

From there, lawyers on each side will issue their peremptory strikes. They get 22 in all.

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