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Judge Zagel says no gag order; Blagojevich can keep on claiming innocence

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Judge James Zagel has shot down prosecutors' request to put a gag order on Rod Blagojevich, arguing that the ex-governor is doing little damage with his vague and repetitive statements.

"It is reported to me," Zagel said, "that one defendant (brother Robert Blagojevich) says nothing about anything, and the other defendant (Rod Blagojevich) says one of two things: One, I am innocent, or two, all the witnesses against me are lying."

"If this is what he keeps doing, I don't think it's that big a deal," the judge said.

Prosecutors requested the gag order after Blago publicly blasted former friend and government witness Lon Monk after his testimony earlier this month, calling him a liar and saying his parents should be ashamed. The government said today they were worried Blago would do so again with John Harris and others.

Zagel said they would deal with that situation if it arises.

The defense team did agree to not make any public statements questioning the credibility of witnesses. That concession appeared to appease the judge.

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I always thought that his rantings were a type of 'shout out' communication to those in charge saying, "get me out of this mess or I'm taking you all with me"...Then I think he really started to enjoy it to the point of addiction.

@Blue... the impeachment and the trial seem more like efforts to keep lids on stories. Blago singing may be our only hope of hearing the whole sorry story.

Wow -- you mean Blago has the right to forcefully proclaim his innocence? The feds can actually seek a gag order on free speech in one's defense? Amazing :)
Viva La Blago!

Okay, but WE THE PEOPLE sure wish Blago would put a lid on it.

What's a guy supposed to say when his buddies turn on him?

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