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John Johnston: Blagojevich contribution and legislation were "linked"

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

Johnston is testifying about a Dec. 3, 2008 meeting with his lobbyist, Lon Monk, at the Maywood racetrack office.

Monk came over after a meeting with Blagojevich at the then-governor's campaign office.

Johnston said he purposely planted his father -- "an ornery "S.O.B." -- in the meeting just so Monk wouldn't bring up the contribution.

It didn't work -- Monk brought it up anyway, on his way out, in the vestibule, Johnston testified.

Monk said he had spoken to the governor, who was concerned that if he signed the racetrack bill, Johnston would not make a contribution, Johnston testified.

"I said, I thought that's what the governor might be thinking. Your suggestion of a contribution at this time is inappropriate," Johnston testified that he told Monk.

"(Monk) turned to me and kind of rubbed his hands together and said, 'OK, different subject matter. I really need you to get a contribution in by the end of the year,'" Johnston testified.

Johnston again tried to dodge the subject, he said, but he felt pressured to give money and was uncomfortable.

"The fate of the legislation somewhat lay in the governor's hands," Johnston testified. "It concerned me."

Prosecutor Chris Niewoehner asked Johnston if he believed that the contribution and the legislation were linked. Johnston said he thought it was.

"Just because (Monk) puts his hands together and says it's a different subject matter, doesn't make it so," he said.

During Johnston's testimony, Rod Blagojevich sat sideways in his chair, at times with his hand to his face, at times writing furiously.

Sam Adam Sr. is now cross-examining -- his first witness in this trial.

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Johnston said he purposely planted his father

it was all for sale in Blagos Illinoise. I just pray his kids grow up KNOWING 100% bar none that daddy stole from the people and was an evil doer.
But Pattys clan knows this way of life too. Look at the CASTLE .. who got paid on that!

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