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John Harris: Blagojevich sought advice on how to profit from Obama's senate seat

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

In an Oct. 6, 2008 conversation in a car, John Harris said Blagojevich brought up the senate seat for the first time since the Jones debacle.

"So what do you think I can get for the senate seat?" Harris said the governor asked

"What do you mean, for you?" Harris asked. "You can get a new ally or reward an ally, that's what you can get."

Blagojevich then looked away and was quiet, Harris testified.

But that wasn't the last of it, Harris said, describing two more conversations with the governor about what he could get for the appointment.

At one point, the conversation turned to cash. Blagojevich wondered how much he could get for the seat from several interested parties, including Blair Hull.

"I told him, 'You can't get money for the senate seat. You shouldn't even consider that as an option.' And we moved on," Harris testified.

And in mid-October, Blagojevich, Harris and the governor's attorney, Bill Quinlan, were again discussing senate seat possibilities.

Blagojevich brought up how he might profit off the appointment, perhaps by putting "money into a 501 C (3)."

Harris said Quinlan became stern with Blagojevich.

"You can't ever joke like that. You can't talk like that," Harris said Quinlan told him. "You know, whether you're serious or not, don't say things like that."

About an hour into today's testimony and there has not been a single objection from the defense.

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