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Joe Cari: Why I lied . . .

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Reporting with Sarah Ostman

After Blagojevich lawyer Michael Gillespie finished questioning Joe Cari, Assistant U.S. Attorney Chris Niewoehner followed up by asking Cari about a key point that Gillespie was making -- that Cari initially lied to FBI agents when questioned about some of Cari's admitted illegal conduct.

Cari replied that he didn't know exactly how far the investigation would go and that he feared retribution from Blagojevich.

"If it was found that I had cooperated (with prosecutors), the ramifications from the governor and his people would be pretty severe," Cari said.

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I guess the taped lied too, huh? How stupid can people be? The witnessess gat a deal before the Gov was charged. Blago is a liar and a crook!

is there one person with direct knowledge that wasn't offered a plea deal and didn't say something different first. It seems like either the government bullied people into testifying(no way to be sure of their truthfulness)or they saw a free shot to get a shorter sentence after rod was charged (eg. they're lying)

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