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Harris: Blagojevich disliked ethics bill that targeted him and not lawmakers

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Cross examination of former chief of staff John Harris continues, with Sam Adam Sr. questioning him about an ethics bills that would greatly limit then-Gov. Blagojevich's fund-raising prowess.

Adam noted that the 2008 legislation would only limit the governor's fund-raising. It blocked him from accepting larger contributions from firms doing state business.

"The same corporations could continue to give as much as money as they wanted to representatives," Adam asked and Harris agreed.

"This is not fair, this is targeted at me as governor," Adam asked if Blagojevich told him.
Harris was not allowed to respond, the answer was clear anyway.

Through questioning, Adam also had Harris explain gridlock that was going on in Springfield at the time Rod Blagojevich was governor.

Sam Adam suggested powerful House Speaker Michael Madigan worked to block Blagojevich as "The Governor (worked) ... to help expand health care for the citizens of Illinois," Adam said.

By contrast, then-Illinois Senate President Emil Jones was a frequent ally.

The questions have the feel of a disjointed civics lesson, or at the very least, an explanation of Blagojevich's friends and enemies in Springfield.

This is a way that Blagojevich's defense can slip in the former governor's "good works," while he was in office. Blagojevich has long touted health care expansion among his chief achievements.

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