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Former chief of staff: Blagojevich tried to cut off firms that didn't give Patti a job

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

John Harris

Rod Blagojevich told his top aide to cut off two firms, including CitiBank, from state business as retaliation for not giving his wife a job, former chief of staff John Harris has testified.

Patti had just gotten her Series 7 securities license; Rod was anxious to find her work, Harris testified, and asked the chief of staff to meet with some business contacts on her behalf.

Harris did, reaching out to two acquaintances, including one at CitiBank, he said. But the networking attempts failed -- and the governor was not pleased, he testified.

"He told me to make sure CitiBank doesn't get any more state work, and to make sure that John Rogers doesn't get any more state work," Harris testified. "He didn't feel they had done enough to help Patti."

Harris told an "agitated" and "angry" Blagojevich that cutting the firms off would be impossible, that he didn't have control over their bond work.

When Harris later learned CitiBank was in line to win a major state deal, he said he purposely kept Blagojevich in the dark.

"I knew he would be upset," Harris testified.

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When Patty Blago received her Series 7 Securities License
She was sponsored by:
20 North Wacker Drive
Suite 1416
Chicago, IL 60606
CRD# 7984
The Financial Operations Principle are
Peter Contos, Sheldon Goodman, Peter Gottlieb and Eric Kuby
what was their angle.

This outfit has what connection to Blago????

He wanted her to have a job like his, where she could get paid a lot of money, stay home, do little to no work, be in a position of power and praised by the adverage joe...Nice work if you can get it.

No one wants to hire a potty mouthed nincumpoop!!!

It should be noted that he didn't have control over it so that statement wasn't illegal(if its true they didn't have control), but it does play to the type of person rod was/is.

Blagojevich is guilty as sin itself and the tape recordings prove it! This is another example of Rod holding both taxpayer and federal money, and government consideration hostage for his own benefit. Rod and his inner circle crime spree could care less if the victims were schools and hospitals; all they cared about was how every requested government consideration was going to benefit him and his family, not the greater good of a community in need of government services and consideration. Rod is a political gangster and ran Illinois Government as his own personal Costa Nostra, or Cartel; eliminating his competition and creating a false need for service in order to justify his intervention; at a price of course. I do not know who makes me sicker; scumbag Rod who did nothing more than line his pockets since being elected, or Potty Mouth Patti who until losing her husbands political power to secure a job, has now decided to be an mother! Patti and Rod let me give you a clue; you were both mothers long before you had children, and like the Illinois Taxpayers, now the world not only knows how small you really are but also the type of scum you and Rod really are.

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