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Forget about 'The Apprentice.' Bring in 'The Sandwich'

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

Daniel Libit, a Chicago News Cooperative reporter covering Rod Blagojevich's trial, snapped a couple of lunchtime pictures from the federal courthouse cafeteria showing that the cafeteria staff apparently has a sense of humor.

One new lunchtime offering was a sandwich called "The 'Innocent' aka Blago." And, yes, there also was a new "Patty Melt."

This, of course, appears to be all in good fun. But jurors often dine in the courthouse cafeteria, so it's no surprise that the "specials" were removed within moments of Libit posting his photos online.

UPDATE: This just in from the Clerk of Court: "Yes, it is inappropriate for cafeteria personnel to make comments about pending cases in the courthouse."

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