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Famous f-ing golden tape played for jurors. On the other end of the call: Doug Scofield.

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Since the day of his Dec. 9, 2008 arrest, the most infamous quote from Rod Blagojevich was what he said about the U.S. Senate seat appointment: "It's f------ golden."

Today, jurors heard Blagojevich speak those words on a Nov.5, morning conversation with Doug Scofield, his onetime campaign communications chief.

"UN Ambassador, I'd take that," Blagojevich is heard saying on the call.

"I mean, I've got this thing and it's f------ golden and I'm not just giving it up for f------nothing," Blagojevich is heard saying.

Prosecutor Reid Schar asks: "What do you understand him to want?"

"He wants an appointment from the president," Scofield answers.

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I was an IT contractor to Scofield during the Blago years. I was responsible for maintaining equipment, including Blackberries, as well as SEO projects. Scofield was in contact with Blago every day Doug and I were in the office at the same time. It's amazing to me that Scofield isn't in front of the court despite his very, very close relationship to Blago. As Blago's campaign communication specialist Doug was instrumental in foisting this poor excuse of a human being off fraudulently as a good choice for governor of the State of Illinois.

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