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Defense: Scofield talked with Blagojevich of getting something in return for Jarrett

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Reporting with Sarah Ostman

Cross examination of Doug Scofield is underway with defense lawyer Aaron Goldstein asking about a phone call where Scofield is heard discussing the Senate seat.

Goldstein points out that it's Scofield who says on a recording: "the only one worth doing because they give something is Valerie (Jarrett)."

"Your words?" Goldstein said.

Scofield agrees.

Goldstein tries to nail down Scofield's previous testimony that he left his post as deputy governor under Blagojevich because of "the lack of reform generally."
Scofield: "I was basing my concerns on my belief of the commitment to the issue ..."

Goldstein notes that the Legislature is needed to pass reforms.

But then as Goldstein tries to bring up some of Blagojevich's reforms in office, he's knocked off balance by prosecution objections.

"Would you spare us the campaign speech until afterwards?" Judge James Zagel tells Goldstein.

Goldstein tries again: "Without saying how good it was, there was health care reform under Rod Blagojevich?"

Objection sustained.

Goldstein, once more: "Are you aware there was ethics reform under Blagojevich?"

Zagel tells Goldstein to ask the questions a different way, without characterizing the acts.

Goldstein tries yet again and Zagel stops him: "I think you're well beyond the scope."

Also asked...

Goldstein: "Did Lon Monk ever tell you he was taking cash?"
Objection is sustained.

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