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Defense: If Blagojevich's request for a cabinet appointment was so wrong, why didn't anyone speak up?

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Reporting with Sarah Ostman

Doug Scofield testified that Services Employees International Union paid him as a consultant in 2008 -- $5,000 a month.

Scofield set up the Nov. 3, 2008 meeting with union leader Tom Balanoff and Rod Blagojevich, where the appointment of Valerie Jarrett was discussed.

Scofield reveals under questioning that J.B. Pritzker told Blagojevich that Lisa Madigan was interested in the Senate seat.

"It is accurate to say that's what he told me," Scofield said.

Scofield then recalled the meeting: "I remember Mr. Blagojevich bringing up proactively, this is what I want, to be in the cabinet. If I'm going to be in the cabinet, HHS (Health and Human Services) was the one he was interested in."

Goldstein: "After he said that, what did (governor's counsel Bill) Quinlan say?"

" I don't recall what Bill Quinlan said," Scofield said. He couldn't remember anyone else saying anything.

"Is it fair to say that based on (your recollection) ... there were no objections presented by these lawyers?"

Judge James Zagel doesn't allow Scofield to answer, saying he doesn't see the relevance.

"Did you in any way express that this was wrong?" Goldstein asks.

Again, Scofield's blocked from answering.

"After this meeting, did you call the law enforcement authorities?" Goldstein asked. "In fact, there was a law enforcement authority there in Bill Quinlan?"

Now they're in a sidebar conference discussing that question.

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Well, this is obviously an unfair trial with the judge coaxing the witness. The defense needs to call a mistrial and get a new Judge. This isn't the first time he's done this either.

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