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Defense: Blagojevich talked Senate seat with lawyer, top aide present

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We are now entering cross examination concerning the Senate seat appointment and Sam Adam Sr. is underscoring that Rod Blagojevich talked about the appointment with his top aide and gubernatorial lead lawyer.

Bill Quinlan was Blagojevich's lead state lawyer in the 2008 time frame.

"During any of the conversations with talk about Senate seat with the governor, was Bill Quinlan present?" Adam asked.

"Yes," said former Blagojevich Chief of Staff John Harris. "More than once."

The defense will argue that Blagojevich was acting only with the aid of lawyers and intelligent aides. So either there was nothing wrong -- or they were leading the then-Governor to believe that was the case.

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you really should try to update this blog more frequently. It's ridiculous to have to wait this long for an update from the news media!

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