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Day one ends withs little fanfare

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Much to the chagrin of dozens of reporters camped out in the lobby of the Dirksen Building, the Blagojeviches and their attorneys left today with hardly a word.

Robert Blagojevich was the first to go. He left the courtroom alone at about 5 p.m., shortly after Judge James Zagel adjourned jury selection for the day.

Rod and Patti were escorted out of the building by court personnel about 15 minutes later, passing a scant crowd of reporters and onlookers poised outside with cell phone cameras.

The former governor waved and smiled at the group -- yelling "How's everybody doing?" -- before helping Patti hop a large puddle to climb into the back seat of a white Infiniti.

A cluster of defense attorneys stuck around upstairs until almost 6 p.m., then slipped out with barely a word toward a bay of video cameras.

Jury selection will resume at 9 a.m. tomorrow.

First, attorneys will argue to cut loose those potential jurors whom they believe to be biased based on their questioning today. When that process is complete, the next group of potentials will be brought in.

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Hey Natasha; I have a question unrelated to this particular post...I just read an article by Jesse J. Holland from the Huffington Post dated 5/28/10, he stated the following;

"Justice John Paul Stevens rejected Blagojevich's request without comment. His decision came shortly after the Obama administration told the high court that it opposed Blagojevich's request".

My question is; Is this customary for the high court to consult with the President on decisions???

Attached is the article;

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