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Blagojevich deputy governor Bradley Tusk: "I was disturbed by what I heard"

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By Natasha Korecki

Bradley Tusk

After court, Bradley Tusk said that after Rod Blagojevich told him to ask Emanuel for a fund-raiser, he called to raise the issue with the then-governor's attorney.

"I meant, I was disturbed by what I heard," Tusk said.

A gaggle of reporters and camera crews followed Tusk out of the courthouse, bumping into one another in an obstacle course of cement benches behind the Dirksen Building.

One tattooed passerby shouted: "Rod Blagojevich, man! I hear he charged with 24 counts!"

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Don't be fooled by Monk and Tusk stating that they were disturbed by Blagojevich's vindictiveness and actions. Neither one of them reported him to the authorities, knowing full well he was breaking the law by trying to coerse money from people. These two young men in high positions of power thoroughly enjoyed their 15 minutes and had pretty cocky attitudes when the Blagojevich administration first took over. I personally know someone who was recommended for a bureau chief's job, and was highly qualified for it. He was vetter by Lon Monk. He was appointed and then made second in command when another person with NO qualifications but with clout from a highly placed utility, was put in the bureau chief's spot. This administration was full of snakes.

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