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Blagojevich witness: Two agents of Barack Obama said "no" to Jesse Jackson Jr. appointment

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John Harris relays a meeting on Nov. 3, 2008 with himself, two union leaders -- Andy Stern and Tom Balanoff -- and the governor.

In a previous call played to jurors, Harris testified he and Blagojevich understood the two were approaching him on behalf of Obama's camp.

The meeting happened one day before the presidential election and the talk was about the senate seat vacancy the major campaign donors expected would happen the next day.

"They began discussing several names and their interest in the names," Harris testified, talking about Balanoff and Stern. "Tom and Andy urged the governor not to consider Jesse Jackson Jr. They urged the governor to support no particular candidate at that point, but if (the governor appointed) Valerie Jarrett, they had no objection."

The Chicago Sun-Times in 2008 reported that powerful Democratic leaders urged Blagojevich against Jackson because they didn't think he was electable in 2010.

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