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Blagojevich trial: "You're lying about that, aren't you?"

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with Natasha Korecki

Adam is now vigorously attacking Monk's credibility as a witness, arguing that he is telling jurors the prosecutors' version of the truth in exchange for a sentence one-tenth as long as the one he might have faced.

Sam Adam Jr. gets animated asking Monk if he remembers any details from the meetings where the four -- Monk, Blagojevich, Rezko and Kelly -- agreed to split up money off of state deals.

"I don't remember," Monk says repeatedly.

Adam is nearing him, then paces away. He points to the ex-governor and points in the air.

Adam notes it's the first time in Monk's adult life he was going to commit a felony and he can't recall "one!" detail about what Tony Rezko wrote on the board.

Rod is sitting sideways with one arm lazily lying on the courtroom table, looking as if he's enjoying this.

"I don't know if we gave that much thought where the money was going to go," Monk says. Rod starts quietly laughing to himself, then puts his hand over his mouth suppressing a smile.

"The truth is the way they see it!"" Adam says.

Monk pauses and appears to try to collect himself.

"I'm supposed to tell the truth," he said, his forehead wrinkling deeply as he answers.

Adam has seized on the fact that Monk called $90,000 in cash he accepted from Rezko an "advance payment" for a future job he might take with Rezko. In advance interviews with prosecutors, it appears Monk called the money a "gift."

"You told us it was an advance payment on the insurance deal, didn't you?" Adam asked.

"Yeah. Or some other endeavor I might be working with Tony on," Monk said.

"That's not true either is it, Mr. Monk? You're lying about that, aren't you?" Adam asked.

Adam is continuing to pile up the objections.

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