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Blagojevich trial: Yesterday's exhibits

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Thanks for your insight, George.... This certainly DID NOT COME

Now, I know there is an attempt by the, shall we call them, the "overzealous prosecutors," to KEEP REZKO OFF THE STAND, since he might implicate OBAMA IN SKULL-DUGGERY!!!, but THEY MAY HAVE TO PUT REZKO ON THE STAND NOW!!

By the way, how many other potential witnesses, like Rezko, have had their sentencing "postponed," till the "overzealous" prosecutors determine whether their "testimony" in this case, might prove to give them, "a more favorable sentence?"
Can the prosecutors, legitimately be called out for "extortion," and "blackmail," to get selectively manicured prosecution, but not the truth, THE WHOLE TRUTH ABOUT OBAMA, etc... so HELP YOU GOD???"

I witnessed Lon Monk's performance on the witness stand June 15th. In my opinion he did not come across as a credible witness.

I was at the Blagojevich trial of June 15th. The mantra of Alonzo Monk was I can't recall. Sam Adams, the defense attorney did a masterful job of cross examining the prosecuting witness.

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