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Blagojevich trial: Yesterday's exhibits

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Here are the exhibits for yesterday, Monday, June 14. Today's exhibits will be posted when they are released.

2008 Racetrack Legislative History.pdf

Monk Travel Records Group (redacted).pdf

2006 Legislative History.pdf

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Where is the loan document memorializing the terms and conditions between the lender (Individual K), and the borrower (Individual A)?

Do they expect us to believe that this man made a $600,000 loan to someone he has never met; without so much as a credit check, a personal or corporate guaranty, and or substantive collateral?

Without such documents; this is nothing more than a laundromat, the likes of which the federal governments moves towards asset forfeiture on against illegal drug operators everyday.

Just because the perpetrator wears a nice suit, and was the Treasurer for the RNC, does not mean that he should get a free pass.

Please ask the government to produce a copy of the loan agreement. Whether or not they produce one for public view will say a great deal about just how stupid they think we are.

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