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Blagojevich trial: Tusk didn't notify law enforcement about alleged scheme

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

Former Deputy Gov. Bradley Tusk has testified that he didn't quit or notify any law enforcement agency after hearing of Blagojevich's alleged attempted shakedown of Rahm Emanuel.

Earlier in his cross-examination, Sorosky went down a line of questioning asking Tusk if the state was "bombarded" by requests like the Chicago Academy's -- seemingly to prove that the delay was a regular backlog, not the cause of any wrongdoing. Prosecutor Reid Schar objected.

Zagel sustained, telling Sorosky that he was confusing a delay in grant requests for a delay in paying out grants that had already been approved.

"If you want to ask him about refusals for grants that had already been granted, then that would have some relevance," Zagel said, assuming his coaching role.

It's getting to the point where Schar doesn't even speak to object -- he just stands up.

"Objection sustained," Judge Zagel continues, time after time.

As his lawyer cross examines Tusk, Rod at one point looks away and takes a deep breath.

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