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Blagojevich trial: Dismissed jurors speak out

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David Hallstrom
David Hallstrom

No. 169: David Hallstrom:

"Suddenly, service becomes very real. And I start thinking of everything I will miss in the next four months. Business: The last 18 months have been spent working on a new product that is schedule to roll out July 1. I am traveling next week to prepare for this launch and that will have to be canceled. The product will roll out, but I will not be at the launch. Personal: My oldest daughter leaves for university in August and I will not be on that trip," Hallstrom told the Chicago Sun-Times.
"And it hits me, the judge, prosecution and defense have been able to prepare their lives around the four months this will take. But the jurors have no time. Something seems truly unfair about that."
Zagel refused to dismiss Hallstrom for cause, despite defense lawyers noting he had personal dealings with entities in the case.
"I think this is a highly intelligent juror," Zagel said. He's eventually not selected because Zagel appears to choose the final jurors in numerical order and picks the 18th juror just before reaching Hallstrom.


Ryan Manno

No. 171, Ryan Manno:
Former Q101 Talk show host Ryan Manno discusses his experiences with jury selection on his blog. He was dismissed for cause since he had talked about the case on his show.
Manno says on his blog:
"Imagine my surprise when I made it thru the first round of cuts, even after I had indicated on my questionnaire that I had publicly talked about the case on Chicago's radio waves. I thought, for sure, that'd be an automatic DQ."
Manno even includes a photo of the cover of the non-public jury questionnaire on his Web page. Hmmmm.

No. 167:
A woman who says on Twitter she was 167 set up a Twitter page saying:
"What an experience was being in front of such audience at Blago's Jury selection. Got to admit I wanted to be a part of it."
The same person posted a note to this blog saying: "I am Juror #167 Best of luck to the selected jurors. May the truth set us free :) "

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Please don't tell me there is going to be a mistrial. Just throw the miscreat juror out and pick another one. We cannot let this fool get away with what he's put other people through and what he has done to the governing of this state.

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