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Blagojevich trial: "Smoke signal? Anything at all?"

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with Natasha Korecki

Cross-examination of Lon Monk is back after a short break. Sam Adam Jr. picked up where he left off, with the Illinois Tollway project and alleged shakedown of contractor Jerry Krozel.

Adam is asking Monk why, if Krozel felt extorted by the governor's requests, the contractor didn't complain but instead asked to schedule an in-person meeting with the governor in his office.

Did Krozel do anything to tell you he was feeling extorted, Adam asks?

Did he send you a letter, he asks? Call you on the phone?

"No," is Monk's answer each time.

"Smoke signal?!" Adam finally yells. "Anything? Anything at all?"

Even Lon cracks a smile at the "smoke signal" question.

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