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Blagojevich Trial: Rod reprimanded for "gesturing"

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Prosecutor Reid Schar started the morning by complaining that Blagojevich was gesturing inappropriately to people in the courtroom. Schar said jurors were distracted by his gesturing.

He said Blagojevich made it "audibly clear in his displeasure continuously looking over, gesturing to people in the pews."

Schar said it was "not proper decorum. It's clearly distracting."

Blagojevich, sitting down, frowned.

Zagel told him to stop. "By and large it's for their own benefit," he said.

Also, Patti will have to leave the courtroom later as Monk is expected to discuss her in testimony.

During the morning discussion about testimony, Rod kissed Patti on the cheek.

Monk again walked in and looked away from Rod, taking the long route around and away from his old friend. He ended up running into a microphone that was sticking out from the jury box in his path.

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1 Comment

I think Milorad has Attention Deficit Disorder...His lawyer should get him a hand held video game and explain things to him later.

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