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Blagojevich trial: Rod and Rob voices fill the courtroom -- from the tapes

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The voices of the Blagojevich brothers are filling the courtroom for the first time as secret FBI recordings are played with Lon Monk on the stand.

Jurors can hear an animated and irritated Rod Blagojevich who is pushing his brother hard to get to $4 million.

Rod Blagojevich is snapping at his brother, telling him to keep hitting people up.

"In terms of having money in the bank, it's going to be close," Rod says. "We've got to somehow get there...get to that $4 million."

Rod tells Rob to keep calling people and ask:
"Can you send us $5,000, can you find us whatever, follow me?"

Rod tells his brother on the recording to hit up anyone and everyone: the Pritzkers, Sam Zell, Blair Hull.

"Every event that we've done with the exception of (state Sen. James) DeLeo have been under the budgeted amount," Robert Blagojevich can be heard saying.
Robert Blagojevich sounds almost alarmist telling his brother that everyone's pulling back on donations.

"The Greeks are falling off," as well as others, he said.

Two more calls are played, including one in which Rod Blagojevich discusses asking Blair Hull for a campaign donation. Hull had expressed his interest in the Senate seat.

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