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Blagojevich trial: Rezko, Kelly eyed presidency, Monk said

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Rod Blagojevich was worried about money in the year after he won the governor's seat in 2002. Patti's real estate firm had taken a hit since she'd become first lady, and the family was forced to live on Rod's $160,000-or-so governor's salary, Monk testified.

It didn't help that Rod liked to buy expensive suits, he said.

But Rod's money worries were bad news for Tony Rezko and Chris Kelly, Monk said.

"They didn't want Rod and Patti to really be worried about finances, because they didn't want finances to be the reason why he may not run for re-election or run for higher office," Monk said.

The higher office Rezko and Kelly had in mind?

"At one point, president of the United States," Monk said.

They were eying the 2008 election, Monk said, because "2004 would have been premature for someone who had just become governor."

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I appreciate this coverage, Ms. Korecki. Thank you. So, Gov. Blagojevich had plans for a presidential run in 2008. This is the first time I have seen this "in print" since reading Evelyn Pringle's series. Looking forward to more revelations. Thanks again.

I agree with the great coverage here. I wonder what the Blagojevichs lived on when he was in Congress? It's expensive to serve there and Patty couldn't have been making that much money to overcome the added expense. No wonder they got their remodeling for free. She was raised high on the hog and perhaps couldn't come down to street level, even when their expenses went up. I'm sure Daddy Mell is financing the operation now, at least for Patty and the girls. When us mere mortals get in financial trouble, we economize, cut back, pay off. Not this family. Image was everything and still is.

Maybe a few years later he would have liked to run for even higher office, President of the United Federations of planets!

Ms. Korecki, thank you for the admirable job you are doing. My only wish is the blog tech gurus would do something about this non-resizable large text font.

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