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Rod Blagojevich is livid and cannot contain the anger he's reflecting as Lon Monk finally gets to the meat of his remarks: he puts Rod Blagojevich in the room when there was a discussion to divvy up hundreds of thousands of dollars made through state action.

Monk described a 2003 meeting in which Blagojevich, Monk, Tony Rezko and Chris Kelly are all in the room talking about how to make money off of state deals. He said one of Rezko's ideas involved creating an insurance agency that would make money by getting business from the state. Blagojevich presumably would be sure he directed the control appropriately.

Monk says that Rezko led the discussion and on a blackboard puts up nine different ideas that would make each of them money. Each idea was worth about $100,000 he said.

What was the thrust of the meeting: "How the four of us could make money different ways."

Who was going to make money off the deals?

"The four of us," Monk said.

How was that money going to be divided? "Equally," Monk said. "All told, hundreds of thousands of dollars ... in total."

In court, Blagojevich appears angry and is almost smiling at times, shakes his head and shoots glances at the prosecutor and Monk.

Monk said Blagojevich agreed not to take the money until after he was out of office.
"Because we didn't want anyone to know what was going on," Monk said. "There wouldn't be as much scrutiny. ... "In all liklihood (it was) wrong and we would be breaking the law."

The exchange wasn't lost on jurors; several of them were furiously taking notes during the questioning.

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WOW! He's got another 4 months of this, he better try and keep his cool...Maybe if the Judge would let butterfly's in the court room it could distract Milorad throughout the prosecutions witnesses.

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