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Blagojevich trial: Monk questioned on 2002 political appointees

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Lon Monk, former close friend and fund-raiser for Rod Blagojevich, is back on the stand.

Before the lunch break, prosecutor Chris Niewoehner questioned Monk about his involvement in Blagojevich's 2002 gubernatorial campaign. Now he's asking about the transition period between his win and when he took office in January 2003.

There were 30 to 35 "senior positions" in state agencies that needed to be filled, Monk said -- heads of the Department of Human Services, public health directors, general counsel, and the like.

Monk helped to fill those spots, he said, along with Tony Rezko and Chris Kelly.

"Were these people going to be Blagojevich's closest advisers?" Niewoehner asked. Monk said yes.

The prosecutor asked who had the most success placing people in these senior positions in the Blagojevich administration.

"Probably Tony Rezko, Chris (Kelly) and (2002 Blagojevich campaign chairman) David Wilhelm," Monk said.

Political appointees in that round included heads of the state transportation agency and the Illinois Tollway, he said.

Rod scribbled furiously in his notebook as Monk talked about filling jobs.

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There is still an overflow room and there's about 25 people in here or so.
Those interested in the main courtroom can get in. you just have to line up early and get a ticket. As in -- before 7:30 a.m.

Are they still using an overflow courtroom, or is there room in Zagel's?

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