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Blagojevich trial: Monk accepted $70,000+ from Rezko

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Lon Monk accepted envelopes stuffed with tens of thousands of dollars in cash from Tony Rezko starting in spring of 2004, Monk testified.

The cash came in overnight envelopes, usually $10,000 at a time. He accepted the cash seven or nine times, Monk said, including once as a gift at his wedding.

Rezko also brought in contractors to finish Monk's basement at his Park Ridge home in fall 2005, Monk said.

Monk was already doing pretty much everything Rezko asked, Monk said, and Rezko didn't ask for anything in particular in exchange for the payouts.

"(Rezko) was a friend and ... at some point, based on my conversations with him, i was going to go work for the insurance company or for him," Monk said.

Monk thought the money was "some kind of advance in salary," he said.

Monk kept the money in his home, but the influx of cash made him nervous, he testified.

"If anybody looked at my bank accounts, they'd wonder why all of a sudden I stopped withdrawing cash," Monk said.

Judge Zagel has called a lunch break.

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This makes me sick!

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