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Blagojevich trial: Judge rebukes Blagojevich defense lawyer

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Blagojevich defense attorney Michael Gillespie's questioning of Joe Cari drew a stiff rebuke from Judge James Zagel, who called one of Gillespie's questions "improper."

Gillespie phrased a question "You expect the jury to believe . . ." when Zagel stopped him.

"Do not ask a witness whether he expects the jury to believe something," Zagel said. "Let the jury decide."

Zagel got frustrated again with Gillespie toward the end of his questioning of Cari.

"Your lawyer, according to the plea you have, has the ability to ask for probation," Gillespie told Cari.

"Yes," Cari replied.

"You would lie to stay out of jail wouldn't you," Gillespie then said.

Cari emphatically replied "no" before Zagel stopped the questioning.

"You're arguing with the witness, you're not questioning him," Zagel told Gillespie.

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