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Blagojevich trial: Governor had a tendency to "rant and rave"

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

Prosecutor Reid Schar is emphatic as he asks follow-up questions about Blagojevich, speaking with his hands waving in the air, looking a tad red in the face. He's asking former Deputy Gov. Bradley Tusk if Rod Blagojevich was easy to reach as governor.

The answer was no.

"He was not always engaged in the process," Tusk responded.

Schar asked if Blagojevich often ranted and raved as governor.

Yes -- but about having to attend meetings to talk about state business, Tusk said.

Schar mentioned one occasion when, Tusk has testified, Blagojevich asked about Emanuel's fund-raiser on the phone. Was he just ranting and raving then, Schar asked?

"No," Tusk said.

Schar: "Did you take him very seriously?"

Tusk: "I did."

Sorosky countered that the governor was known as a person who would make off-the-cuff remarks at times.

"He just said it once to you in a telephone conversation," Sorosky said. "You don't know if he was frustrated about whatever at the time."

Tusk's testimony has ended and Judge Zagel has called a 15-minute break.

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