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Blagojevich trial: Day 9 Witness list

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One of the government's chief witnesses, Lon Monk, concluded his testimony Tuesday.

Good for prosecutors: Monk dished considerably against his old boss, alleging Rod Blagojevich went so far as to agree to appoint someone to a senate seat in exchange for killing an ethics bill.

Good for defense: By the time Monk went back to his home in Decatur, his old friend Blagojevich said Monk's parents were likely ashamed of him and defense lawyer Sam Adam Jr. accused him of being a liar.

Witnesses up today:
1. Joseph Aramanda continues his testimony. Aramanda, an associate of political fund-raiser Tony Rezko, testified
2. A financial analyst who's likely to keep talking about a $10 billion pension bond deal.
3. A "brief witness related to an insurance company." Lon Monk testified that Rezko had attempted to make money personally off the state involving an insurance company.
4. Joseph Cari, a onetime heavyweight Democratic political fund-raiser who has pleaded guilty for his role in a criminal scheme involving the Teachers' Retirement System of Illinois.

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1 Comment

What I really want o know is WHY THE HELL IS THIS GUY ARAMANDA WORKING IN A GOVERNMNET JOB? He was part of deals with Rezko and Kjellander. Yet her he is holding a government job with us taxpayers paying his salary. Let's indict whoever hired this guy.

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