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Blagojevich trial: Day 7

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We resume today with more of Lon Monk's testimony. We're likely to hear many more recordings through Monk as well. We just got started Thursday with four recordings, the first of the trial.

Last week, Monk, the former governor's onetime best pal, running buddy and former chief of staff dished incredible amounts of information on Rod Blagojevich. He spoke of secret meetings, secret bank accounts and code names -- 1, 2, 3 and 4 -- that referred to Blagojevich, Monk, Christopher Kelly and Tony Rezko, making money off of state deals. He said Blagojevich agreed to use his influence to help his friends and himself make money off the state.

Good for prosecutors: Monk is articulate, straightforward and doesn't embellish. Sometimes he hardly completes a sentence, blurting out phrases: "to make money," only after being pushed by the prosecutor. He testifies he didn't tell then Gov. Blagojevich about Rezko giving Monk up to $90,000 in cash because he'd be afraid Monk would get caught.

Good for defense: Monk is giving the defense much to work with on cross examination.
He says he took cash payments and didn't tell Blagojevich about it. He says Rezko rehabbed his basement and didn't make him pay for it. The defense will try to convince jurors that Monk had committed his own crimes and is now on the stand only to save himself. His deal calls for two years in prison instead of the more than five that he faced.

Other updates:
• Dismissed juror tells Sun-Times tales of others in pool disregarding judge's order.
• Over the weekend, Robert Blagojevich's lawyers put in a filing asking for a chunk of cash from his brother's campaign fund to help pay for legal costs. To read filing: Click here.

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Monks testimony isn't making any sense to me...He didn't want Milorad to know his deal with Rezko rehabbing his house??? REALLY? Didn't the Blagojevich's do the same thing back in 2003??? I am starting to think that Tony Rezko is NOT cooperating with the fed's...IF he were, they would already know that Monk was lieing and they wouldn't let him do that...Has the defense interviewed Tony? Did they depose him? Could they have Tony locked away pretending that he is cooperating to get others to cut plea deals and their cooperation??? That's reallllly sneaky.

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