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Blagojevich trial: Day 11 and last week's recap

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Let's see, last week started with a dismissed juror disclosing that people in the jury pool were reading and listening to news about the case.
Then Rod Blagojevich starts gabbing on the news, taking shots at his old friend's testimony. ("I couldn't help but think the shame that his father probably feels," Blagojevich said about Lon Monk).
That was it for prosecutors: they asked the judge to gag the former governor.

Judge James Zagel issued a warning to Blagojevich. But it didn't stop there. Over the four days of trial, Zagel either tutored or delivered a tongue-lashing to each of the four defense lawyers who questioned witnesses. As they pushed the limits in questioning, they tested Zagel's patience.

At one point, he ordered jurors out of the room so he could privately dress down Sam Adam Jr. Worse, Zagel needled him in open court: "Why do you do this?" Zagel asked Adam at one point.

Tapes were released that showed Blagojevich called his longtime donor Blair Hull "an idiot." Then there was the matter of federal witness Joseph Cari taking a dive outside the courthouse after he was knocked by cameras and the debacle in the cafeteria where a sandwich called "The Innocent (Blago)" was on display. Then pulled.

And ... so we're back today.

Here's what's on deck:

Witnesses up this week:
1. Ali Ata finishes his testimony.
2. John Johnston, horse-racing businessman/alleged extortion victim
3. Bradley Tusk, former deputy governor.
4. Michael Horst
5. Donald Feinstein
6. Dwayne Brusnighan

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At the Rezko trial they had the testimony from Levine who was an insider to Milorad...I don't see how the prosecution can pull this off without the testimony from Rezko or Levine, an insider's perspective is mandatory for a conviction...Are they afraid that the President's name might be mentioned or Rezko not cooperating or Levines' sorted past.

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