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Blagojevich trial: Day 10 Witness list, recap

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The Blagojevich trial

Wednesday recap: Rod Blagojevich can't keep out of the limelight but Judge James Zagel warns he's pushing it as prosecutors ask that the former governor be gagged. Zagel holds off, saying that's a last resort.
Blagojevich after court still speaks, but briefly. He can't resist the public, posing for pictures, smiling with them and joking: "I'm here Monday through Thursday."

Witnesses today:

1. Joseph Cari continues his testimony, which is expected to include details of a scheme to extort a firm that sought state business.
2. Jill Hayden, who formerly headed Blagojevich's boards and commissions.
3. Ali Ata, another Tony Rezko associate who has testified that he handed Rod Blagojevich a campaign contribution check just as he learned he'd be appointed to head a state agency.

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It's not clear to me what you are talking about. Which lawyers are you talking about? Which of them gave how much to Obama?
By the way, who is monitoring the trial for Obama now? Which lawyers or observers are in the courtroom for Obama? We know Valerie Jarret is monitoring the trial practically full-time.. Who else is?

For another example, who is monitoring the trial for Rahm Emmanuel? What have these various lawyers or other representatives of these, shall we call them, VIP's (Very Interested Parties!!) to this proceeding, who are they and what comments have they had about the trial so far??

This is going to be interesting with these defense lawyers, they seem to have given up on any help from Obama so they're going to drag him into the mud with them...all these guy's donated to Obama to.

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