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Tape: Blago, Harris talk Louanner Peters, floating rumors

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More talk about what to do with Obama's Senate seat on the tapes.

Blagojevich and Harris are heard discussing another option -- appointing top Blago aide Louanner Peters to the seat as a one-termer.

This could come in handy in case Blago is impeached, he argued, because Peters could step down and he could quickly appoint himself to the seat.

"She's be the only one I would count on to do that," Harris is heard agreeing.

"Right now, Louanner is the front-runner," Blagojevich says.

But they again discuss floating a rumor to Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed that Jesse Jackson Jr. is actually at the top of their list.

It wasn't true, Harris said from the stand. But if the Obama camp thought Blago was going to pick Jackson -- which they didn't want -- they might be more willing to "help the governor in other ways."

Next tape is between brothers Rod and Robert.

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