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Blagojevich trial: Day 16 and recap

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In one of the more bizarre recordings played at trial, Rod Blagojevich is heard pumping iron and breathlessly discusses Senate seat appointment possibilities, including that of Oprah Winfrey.

Blagojevich rips on his own former press secretary, calling her "f-----' incompetent," suggests appointing someone from out of state, or pretty much any African American with a reputable background.

The recordings played Monday seemed to rattle a couple of jurors, who either shook their heads or smiled down at transcripts. Blagojevich is heard saying Jesse Jackson Jr. would help his chances with black voters because he's "uber African American." He also tells top aide John Harris he should pick a "black Albert Einstein."

Good for Blagojevich: John Harris undergoes cross examination by Sam Adam Sr. on his fifth day on the stand. Adam falters a bit, referring to labor leader Tom Balanoff as Ted and botching the names of Roland Burris and Gery Chico. Still, Adam had Harris admit he and other aides advised Blagojevich about the possibility of winning a Presidential cabinet position in exchange for the Senate seat appointment. Harris said Blagojevich more the once brought up the possibility of appointing to the Senate seat Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, the daughter of his nemesis, Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, in exchange for an expansive legislative package.

Up today: Harris cross examination continues.
SEIU leader Tom Balanoff will then be the next prosecution witness.

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The amounts of lives destroyed by Rod Blagojevich during his tenure in office can probably not be numbered as citizens of Illinois mostly know someone personally touched by his corruption. But as you listen to the daily testimony, it sickens the soul. Teressa

If Adams can tie Balanoff directly to Barack the Judge will have to let the '2hour interview' in...It will be interesting to see how the prosecution tip toes around him.

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