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Blagojevich trial: Adam works to distance Blagojevich from talks

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

Adam is working to distance Johnston from Blagojevich.

The attorney refers back to a 2008 conversation that Johnston testified about earlier, in which Lon Monk told Johnston that Blagojevich feared that if he passed the racetrack bill, Johnston wouldn't make a contribution.

In what has become a repeated argument of the defense, Adam asks Johnston if he ever heard those words come out of Blagojevich's mouth.

"The governor never said that to you, did he?" Adam asks. "And you don't know whether Monk was telling you the truth or if he was lying to you."

Johnston agrees.

Adam later argues that Johnston only felt pressure from the man he paid $300,000 over two years -- Lon Monk.

"Your lobbyist," Sam Sr. says.

"My lobbyist," Johnston says, smiling ironically.

Judge Zagel has called a 15-minute break.

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Good mongo:Sorry for the late reply. I'm told the rules are substantially the same but *generally* in state court judge's are a bit more lax with outside the scope stuff. there's no question that Judge James Zagel is running a tight ship and calling every out of bounds.

The rules in federal court are pretty much whatever the judge wants them to be, and Zagel is one of the biggest pro-government judges.

Natasha, are the rules for questioning witnesses differnt in state and federal courts? It seems in federal trials the defense can only follow the line of questioning and go into areas that the prosecution was in. But in state courts many defense attornies bring up different subject matters to try and show the mindset of the witness. It was interesting that the judge told Sam Sr. that if he wanted to ask those questions he would have to call Johnston as his witness.

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